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Improve your Photography

Course Overview

This fun and practical course is designed for those who already have some knowledge and experience of their camera and digital photography and wish to take these skills to the next level. It is also the perfect next step if you have attended our Introduction to Photography course and wish to expand your knowledge further.

This course explores more advanced camera functions, elements of good composition and creative techniques to help you release your camera’s full potential for total control over your images.

Based from our Bristol Harbourside studio, we’ll give you plenty of time to gain hands on experience in order to help develop and refine your photography skills with Bristol’s historic harbour providing the perfect backdrop.

Bristol Harbourside coloured houses - picture from our Improve your Photography workshop
An overview of common photographic equipment
A review of the different focusing and exposure modes and how to choose the most appropriate mode for your subject
An introduction to Histograms and how to use them to improve your photography
Learn to shoot indoors and in low light without flash
Learn to shoot moving water and how to freeze or blur the movement
Develop composition techniques and rules in order to dramatically improve your photographs such as negative space, symmetry, patterns & texture
An introduction to in-camera flash and fill-in flash
An introduction to filters

We start the day at our Bristol Harbourside studio located in the historic Underfall Yard. Here we’ll review the basic concepts of photography, camera settings and discuss different camera equipment that can help to broaden your photographic portfolio.

We’ll then set off on a photo walk around the Harbourside putting all of the skills and techniques we’ve discussed into practice. There will be ample time to photograph the most interesting areas of the Floating Harbour with plenty of opportunities to discuss techniques, camera settings and equipment.

We will allow time to stop for a lunch break at one of the numerous Harbourside café’s where we can review and discuss any images taken during the morning.

After further time spent photographing, we will return to the studio in the afternoon where we can project any images taken onto a big screen in order to review and discuss them.

By the end of the day you will feel confident in controlling your camera and have improved your photographic knowledge, skills and techniques.

Some previous experience is beneficial and will help you to get the most out of the course although not a necessity. This course is ideal for those with some basic understanding of the principal concepts of photography with an idea of how their camera works or for those who have previously attended our Introduction to Photography course.

Where possible we can tailor the itinerary to suit each participant differing level of ability.

All DSLR, mirrorless, compact or bridge cameras are suitable providing they allow full manual control of aperture, shutter speed and ISO. Mobile phone cameras don’t generally allow much control over these settings so only parts of the course will be relevant. If you have them then a tripod and filters are beneficial but not a necessity.

The Photography Project Studio
Underfall Yard Baltic Wharf
Cumberland Rd
Bristol BS1 6XG

We try to keep group sizes small, usually around 6.

Some workshops can also be run on demand subject to minimum numbers. Contact us directly to check availability and to book.

Full day, usually 10:00 am to 3:30pm but will be confirmed upon booking.

Improve your Photography Workshop: £125.00 per person (based on a minimum group of 2)

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